the key to successful land management

Southern Timberland Consultants was founded using two guiding principles:

  • Provide clients with sound advice.
  • Manage a client’s investment as if it were our own.


Steve Ebbert

Steve Ebbert
“Partner”, Registered forester

Steve has 30 years of forestry experience. Steve is also Managing Broker of Southern Land Exchange.


Jesse Johnson
“Partner”, Registered Forester

Jesse is an associate broker with Southern Land Exchange.

Garrett Williams

Garrett has a Masters in Forest Resources and a sales agent with Southern Land Exchange.

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Welcome to Southern Timberland Consultants

Is it possible to maximize your forest land’s investment and still protect it for future generations? For owners of forest land in Georgia, the answer is YES!

The staff of Southern Timberland Consultants shares your passion for the land. With 27 years of forest real estate experience, they bring an understanding of your forest land’s total value, not just the timber value. Far too often, owners of forest property make management decisions that lower the overall value of the property. The management professionals at Southern Timberland Consultants advise you on what’s best for the overall health and value of the property.

In addition, as a client of Southern Timberland Consultants, you have access to a variety of services available from one source. That means you have a land management partner who does all the heavy lifting while you sit back and reap the benefits.

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